Posted by: asmith60 | April 12, 2011


Besides Orientalism and mark of the plural, both of which I have already discussed, other terms that apply to this situation are dehumanization, subaltern, usurper, Eurocentrism and self-assertion. Dehumanization applies to this situation because each party is stripping the other of basic human rights when they stereotype each other. When an American believes all Iranians are mysterious, exotic and irrational just because they are from the Middle East, that American is dehumanizing the Iranian people. This concept also ties in with the application of the term usurper. American and Iranian society are taking away (usurping) one another’s identities when they stereotype each other.

Self-assertion also pertains to this situation. I believe that American society stresses things that are “American” to affirm our culture. I had not really thought about the Eurocentrism being relevant to my topic until I read Mara’s blog. It makes perfect sense that the origins of Orientalism could be rooted in Eurocentrism.

I can’t yet speak intelligently about the Iranian society as a whole. That is why most of my examples concern American society. I plan on researching more into Iranian society.



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