Posted by: asmith60 | March 27, 2011


I was originally planning to analyze the situation caused by widespread Orientalism in America. Upon further research of the topic I would like to broaden my focus. While I was researching Orientalism and its causes, I began to wonder why America’s view of the Middle East was important enough to get its own special word. Orientalism doesn’t seem overly heinous or prominent in comparison to America’s view of other groups of people. In my experience America’s view of most other regions in the world is as equally skewed as its view of the Middle East. For that matter, I believe that most regions’ (including the Middle East) views of America are as equally skewed as America’s view of the Middle East. I have caught glimpses of many misguided foreign views of America just from sitting in class and listening to everyone recall stories about travelling abroad. To take an example from last class period, all Americans settle their differences with old-west style shootouts. A view like that is, of course, ridiculous. This is only one instance of a plethora of times I have heard someone just in our class recall a time that they personally experienced one of the many stereotypes of America. It seems to me that foreign people place the mark of the plural upon Americans just as much as Americans place the mark of the plural upon foreign people. To clarify, I am not justifying anyone’s actions. In my opinion it is wrong to apply the mark of the plural to a group of people regardless of whether or not they have subjected you to the mark of the plural. I just believe that the observation deserves to be made that everyone is equally guilty in this respect. It’s not just Americans. So for my paper I would like to shift my focus to include America’s and the Middle East’s view of each other rather than just America’s view of the Middle East.



  1. I’m glad to see someone take this on. I think it will be challenging to find sources, but you’ve certainly got a topic that needs elucidation. Websites for foreign media often have an “English” option; that might be helpful. Let me know if I can help with anything. I’m looking forward to reading your paper. You may want to check out Mara and Taelor’s blogs, too.

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